Saturday, November 13, 2010

WP7 vs. Android

I was set on getting a Windows Phone 7 device.  Microsoft has some kinks to work out.   I was talking shit about Android,  I may have to take it back.   Google has had  2-3 years to develop the ecosystem.  There are problems with the whole SD card reader.   I will use my upgrade and get a My touch 4G or My touch HD as it is now known.   If Google puts some polish on the OS and refines it with Gingerbread and Honeycome, I will stick with Andy.  I'm liking the GTab (Galaxy Tablet) more and more.  I have played with it and the HSPA does make a difference on the speed of things. 
              A GTab and a Boxee Box could make cable obsolet.  I can't wait for Hulu Plus and Netflix to officilly
launch to make this purchase an essential for the need to have media device.

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