Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2011 Ford Explorer Vehicle Tour

2011 Ford Explorer Vehicle Tour


The Android ecosystem is changing.   The Nexus 1 and the Google 1 have been officially retired.   As a T-Mobile subscriber from the beginning I look to see what changes will be coming.   I have a upgrade that I've been holding onto for a while.    There are rumors that the I phone is coming to T-Mobile this fall.  I'm torn between the I phone, and the HTC Evo.   I think T-Mobile has heard the criticism and wants to make the changes to improve their service.   It is interesting that they started the Android revolution but are in last place to the other carriers.  With the Announcement  of the Move of Deutsche Telecom CEO to take over T-Mobile USA is a sign.  They have stated publicly that they are not happy with the direction under the Voicestream CEO
that is stepping down.  He was instrumental in the I phone coming to Europe.  I feel changes for the better will happen in the next 45 days.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simple Mobile

I'm on youtube and stumble on this wacky video.  There is a guy changing a sim card during a skydive.
This compay has changed the game.  First you unlock your phone.   Then you swap sim cards and pick a plan. Next you activate your phone and then,  no more contract.   If your favorite phone has not come to your carrier
you can buy the phone unlocked from the manufacture and let freedom ring.



SIM card change by falconer at Renaissance Fair

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Future network


This could be the future of cellular technology.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nexus One

I just read on TMO news that Google has received its last batch of phones and will no longer sell the Nexus One when it sells out.  Support will be offed.   I was holding out for the improved version of this phone.  I hope this means that something is on the pipeline.

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Steve Carell spoofs Lebron James The Decision during ESPYs

They do it too

Apple has a press conference to announce that their phone is no different from other smart phones and they are not changing the design.  Everybody gets free bumpers untill end of September.  It seems they new about the issue and chose not to address it in advance and it bit them in the ass.   It would not surprise me if there is a new version with the problem fixed.

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