Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I recieved my digital camera in the mail yesterday.  Let's see what type of fun I can get into.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Technology has changed.  When you recieve unemployment checks they now give you a debit card.  It
gets loaded and you can spend the money that way.   Cash is going away  more and more things are
getting digital.   Welcome to the 21st century......

Oak Cliff was a city....

I am a transplant to Texas from NYC.  I have lived here since 1983 and have often debated with people whoe
tell me I have lived here all my life and Oak Cliff has never been a city so I decided to once and for all
answer the question for myself and found this:

This cozy farming settlement on the beautiful side of the Trinity caught the attention of two enterprising developers: Thomas L. Marsalis and John S. Armstrong. In 1887, with a plan to market the community as a prestigious residential area, they purchased several hundred acres in and around Hord’s Ridge and gave the area a more appealing name . . . Oak Cliff.
Through their efforts, Oak Cliff incorporated as a city in 1890, electing Hugh Ewing to be the first mayor. Advertised as the “Cambridge of the South,” the community flourished. However, disagreements led to a split in the Marsalis-Armstrong partnership. As a result, Marsalis stayed in Oak Cliff and Armstrong went on to develop a community north of the Trinity that became known as Highland Park.
A financial downturn in 1893 brought the development to a sudden halt. In 1903, the beleaguered and financially strapped City of Oak Cliff voted to annex itself to the City of Dallas.  Oak Cliff and Dallas were now one—but not really. The Trinity River physically separated Oak Cliff from the rest of Dallas, giving this southern suburb a permanent and unique identity.

Throughout the years, this community across the river has maintained remnants of its original small town atmosphere. Some folks have called Oak Cliff the “Howdy Capital” of Texas, because of the down-to-earth friendliness of its people. Through cycles of growth and challenge, many of the neighborhoods in Oak Cliff still retain that hometown attitude.

Latian Hook up

My Search for a Latin sweety has come to a screaching halt.  I am not geeting a good feeling about
the site.  I think the girls are genuine and the service is honest but I stopped writting to the laddies on the
site.   I am turning my chances to fate.


I watched the movie The Babysitters with Cynthia Nixon and John Leguizamo.   What a wild movie.
A babysiter starts a job as a babysitter and starts an affair with the husband.  This turns into a babysitting
service that takes care of the husbands on the side.   I couldn't help but wondering if somewhere there is a
teenage girl that has done this.....  Capitolism at work.   Find a wanted or needed service and create a businesss
around that model.   Only in America.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What kind to chose

Some guys say they are a boob man or a leg man.   I have liked boobs for as long as I can remember.
The thing that is hard to say is that I also am a booty guy.  My feeling is one without the other is not the same.
I can stare at nice boobs and get hipmotize....  I can also see the same thing when I look at a nice booty.
I like boobs but real ones.  They don't have to be supersized but just nice and real.  When it comes to buts
nice and round but not supersized.   A cute chic with curves and big booty and nice boobs is the best.
If I had to choose between boobs and buts I would choose boobs but it would be a hard choice.  So if
a gun was put to my head I'm a boob man who is partial to a nice but as an added plus.

Welcome to my universe....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

TV Favorites

Right now my few favorite TV stuff are Caprica, V, 24 and Leverage.

I did not want to like the remake of the 1980's TV Show V.  I've been told that the producers tried to follow
the examples of Battestar Galactica.  I think they have made the improvement on the original by taking
that route.   I can't wait for the olympics to be over to see the new episodes.