Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Pad

The IPad seems cool it has its limits.   I feel that the intial offering is ok.  I would wait to see if the next
gen product corrects the limits.  The microsoft option seems to pack more options and flexibilty
than the IPad.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

E Tablet/The Creation

Apple is at it again.  The new E Tablet may be called the Creation  is the much anticipated
10" touchscreen from Apple.   It sounds to be pricey but like all apple products it should
be very powerfull.  I am a pc guy from habit not preference.  I-Tunes has soured me on Apple
prodoucts but this Creation should be very temptiing to get me back to the I universe.....

Latian Hook up

My search continues....  I have noticed that you must double check the info on the profiles.  Somoe
of them say they are older then their age.   Some of them say they speak a certian level of english
and when you test it you find that they don;t.   I still like the responses I have recieved.  The adventures

Thursday, January 21, 2010

looking 4 friends

I have decided to start exploring latian sweeties for companionship.  I am open to see what types of responses
I get.  The adventure begins.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Undercover Escorts

The hookup sites seem to have the same theme.   You respond to an add and you get a respons from someone
who responds like an escort.  If you ask any questions they get hostile with you.  I'm no prude but
if you want to work as an escort be an escort.  Why do you have to be all covert and make it seem like you want to meet a guy, but you are just trying to get paid.  This is one reason why nice guys turn into assholes.
If you are open and honest woman will treat you like dirt.  If you are an ass they think you are the shit.
Wow.  Games Females play......

Sunday, January 10, 2010


If you say you like a curvy woman or a voluptious woman,  people/guys will say you like fat girls.  I don't
think Beyonce is fat.   I think Jenifer Hudson is nice.   I think that some guys who only like very skiny
girls who are flat chested may be hiding something.   I would and have been with fat girls.  Skinny does
not equal beautiful and fat does not equal ugly.  Some super sized women try to lable them selves as
voluptous but too much of a good thing can  be bad.   The point is i wish that women that have a few extra
pounds were not made to feel like they are huge.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hookup Sites

I thought it would be easy to meet people on line.  I wanted to seek an NSA encounter.  The
only thing I encounterd was chics wanting you to go to their payper view cam site or undercover
escorts.   I guess it is back to the old fashiond way of doing things....

I Phone Killer

The Nexus one is slated to be the IPhone Killer.  I feel that the Nexus will do for T-Moblie what the IPhone
did for AT& T.  With the issues for the AT&T, the smartphone holdouts like myself will probably get
the Nexus One.  I can't wait to get mine....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Why is it that people who ask for help don't listen for the response