Saturday, October 23, 2010

Windows Phone 7 OS

Some are quick to write off the new WP7 OS.  For those like me who are carefully considering their 1st smartphone purchase this is a viable choice.  WP7 gives an alternative to the polished IOS and the Fragmented
Android Ecosystem.  Microsoft does not have to advertise as being better than Apple to compete.  WP7 will have an opportunity for market share as long as they focus on the strengths of Windows.   There is a little known fact about WP7,  it will soon have Mac sync support from Microsoft.   Not everyone who likes Mac computers loves the Iphone.  I for one need an alternative with a larger screen.   Android is rumored to have a revamped User Interface in the next update.  Android must definitely get more polish.  Will WP7 move on to gain market share with greater significance?  Time will tell.

Stay thirsty my Friends!

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